Hot Spot Help

Hot spots are lesions that are itchy and painful,

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How to Care For Your Goldfish

By Kellie McCutcheon Goldfish make great pets, and are often heralded as a wonderful beginner pet. They can teach responsibility, […]

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In case of emergency: CPR for Dogs

Emergencies can happen with any pet, young or old. And while we hope you never have to administer CPR to your pet, knowing what to do in an emergency situation could have lifesaving results.

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Getting to Know Purebred Dogs

We love ALL dogs. While mutts are marvelous, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about purebred dogs.

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Pet Valu donates $100,000 in product to help pets displaced...

Litter, food and crates given to animal rescue organizations on front lines

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A Kinder Diet

Natural, humanely and sustainably sourced ingredients

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Our Hearts Go Out To British Columbia

How we can all help

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16-3204 - November Article Banner harness

A Guide to Harnesses

There are a variety of styles of harnesses

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The Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides

Join us May 28!

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