How can I help my rescued cat overcome her food anxieties?

Carol Thibault

By Carol Thibault

Q:  My cat that I adopted from the Humane Society is obsessed with food and will try to grab it from you if she thinks she can get away fast enough. I have heard from other pet owners that this behaviour is not unusual for animals who have had to scrounge for food on their own, but we’ve had her for two years and I want to know if she will be like this for the rest of her life or if she’ll get better? She’s three years old, and when we adopted her, they guessed she was one year old.
– Michelle H.

Answer: Michelle, you are quite right when you say that after fending for themselves, some pets never lose their feelings of anxiety as they relate to food. There are some things that you can do to help make your cat feel more comfortable. I recommend you feed a high quality canned food such as Performatrin Ultra twice daily, in addition to ensuring that her kibble is readily available. The benefits of feeding canned food are numerous. She will feel satisfied more quickly, maintain good levels of hydration and a side benefit to canned food that we don’t all consider is that it helps support a healthy body weight. Cats love to hunt for their food. The Slim Cat toy is a great way to feed her kibble while providing hours of play and exercise. Alternately, place small amounts of kibble throughout the house. Move your feeding spots around to make it challenging and fun.

She may over time come to accept that there will always be food available to her. Love and patience can go a long way in these situations.
– Carol Thibault

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