Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Your Guide to Dog Beds

by Kellie McCutcheon

Picking the perfect bed for your dog isn’t as easy as you think. Like choosing a bed for yourself, there are a lot of factors to consider and all the different beds available don’t make the task any easier. Let’s break down some options and make sure you are comfy cozy when shopping for a dog bed.

Small – Medium Breed Dogs

Best for Small – Medium breeds, these beds are typically oval or round and has lots of cushioning for your dog to rest their head or paws on. The hardest part about picking this bed, is getting the sizing right. Dogs like to feel cozy but it should be big enough for your dog to stretch comfortably. Our suggestion is to bring your dog in when picking up a new bed, let them try it out right in the store.

Large Dogs

With a large dog, you want to look for comfort and quality when picking up a bed for them. Large dogs need to be protected from the hard floor when laying down so something extra comfortable is key. Large dogs also wear down the foam quicker, and especially if you large dog suffers from arthritis or join issues, best to look for a high-quality memory foam.

Cold Dogs

If your pup has very little fur or is always wanting to be under a blanket, you need something extra warm and cozy. A cave or nest bed will allow your dog to burrow themselves, with or without blankets and dogs feel very secure in beds like these. Bonus, these beds are great for cats too (just not at the same time!).

Older Dogs

If aging joints make sleeping uncomfortable for your dog, try a memory foam dog bed. Thick memory foam beds provide the essential and supportive firmness your older dog needs to sleep happily. These machine washable beds are also great for dogs who suffer from arthritis.

Did you know? The average adult dog sleeps about 12-14 hours a day.

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