Overall Health and Dental Care for Dogs

If you walk your dog, brush your dog, feed high-quality dog food, provide fresh water, limit the number of treats your dog receives, and visit the vet regularly, you are doing the basics to keep your dog healthy and happy.

If you also observe your dog closely (including checking ears, eyes, teeth, nails and even their waste), and take note of what is normal and healthy, then you will be able to detect changes in the early stages when many problems are treatable. If you have any concerns about changes in your dog’s appearance or behavior, please visit your vet.

Dental problems such as tartar build-up can lead to gingivitis or inflamed gums for your dog. This can be painful, causing your dog to go off her food or even affecting her behavior. If the problem is not rectified, your dog may start to lose her teeth.

To avoid long-term, serious dental problems you can have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned by a vet. You can also adopt a routine of dental care that will benefit your dog and help to avoid costly visits to the vet. Investigate some of the many products available to help decrease or prevent tartar build-up, including specially-formulated dry foods, treats and chew toys.

You can also invest in a toothbrush and canine toothpaste and brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. Once your dog becomes accustomed to the brushing as part of your regular routine, it will become a quick and easy way to help keep her healthy.

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