Star Pupper! Meet Dean the Basset

Instagram is fast becoming our go-to source for cute pets. You can find and follow all sorts of pets, but one of our favourites has to be Dean the Basset (@deanthebasset). Toronto-based Dean is top dog to over 200,000 Instagram followers. Dean sat pretty for an interview with us.

Dean:  Hi Pet Valu, thanks so much for having me on your show!

PV:  Thanks for coming Dean! This isn’t a television show though, it’s a print interview.

Dean:  but I combed my ears for this?!

PV:  Well, to all our readers, Dean’s ears look well-groomed and they’re parted right down the middle. So, what made you decide to start an Instagram account Dean?

Dean:  All my friends were doing it.

PV:  Why do you think you’re so adored on Instagram?

Dean: Because the world has changed for the better! Now nerds are cool, curvy people are beautiful, and droopy bassets, well, we’re both nerdy and curvy!

PV:  What tips would you give others for photographing and filming?

Dean:  From my personal experience I enjoy the process much more when there’s plenty of treats involved! In the bigger picture though, my account just showcases my true pizza-stealing, nap-happy, Netflix-binging self with some of my adventures thrown in for good measure! My advice is to give people the real thing, shake what your mamma gave you!

PV:  do you have a favorite photo or video?

Dean:  I briefly spent some time in the slammer for a crime I did commit. The offence was “grand theft pizza” so I’d say it was a crime of passion. Anyhow, I made a daring jailbreak earlier this year which was all caught on surveillance camera and later posted to the internet, I assume that’s how they caught me.  See the video here.

PV:  Wow, how exciting!

Dean:  Yeah, I was crushed when they sentenced me but once I converted the sentence from dog years it was actually pretty reasonable. After I got a criminal record though mom and dad stopped asking “who’s a good boy?”.

PV:  Changing gears for a moment, we hear you’re a regular shopper at your local Pet Valu – what are his favourite products from the Pet Valu family of stores?

Dean:  I love just about everything Pet Valu sells but I think it’s the experience which really separates PV from the pack! I walk into the store and a friendly employee greets me with a smiles and a treat! Then, after perusing all the toys, pet accessories, and sniffing all the treats, I like to finish my visit by staring at the kitties for a few minutes (I think they appreciate their new homes even more when they realize I don’t live there). I make mom and dad take me to Pet Valu every Saturday morning, that’s how I know it’s the weekend!

PV:  Great, thanks a lot for your time Dean!

Dean:  Thanks for having me on your show… errr, article!

Our Tips for showing off your pet on Instagram

  • Know their best angle – you may need to get down on the ground with your pet to get the best shot. Close-ups are always popular!
  • Know which words get your pet’s attention (and that oh-so-perfect head tilt) and use them only when you are ready so snap away!
  • Have treats at the ready to reward your top model.
  • Pay attention to the background – if it’s not making the shot better, move to a different spot
  • Make sure you pet is well-lit, in focus and the focal point
  • Hashtag their breed when you post so you can connect with that community.